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Community Council Meeting   19 March 18   7.30pm   Buchanan Memorial Hall

Buchanan Community Council News

Added on Thursday, 15 February 2018

Information provided by members of the community and K Lilburn at our CC meeting on 29th January 2018 has  been superseded by Ms Birrell the new Chief Executive Officer of Rural Stirling Housing Association in her email to the BCC dated 14th February 2018.

  • In general, the main project proposals have not changed since the last update from Tony Teasdale.
  • The project is currently with planning for determination and has been for over a year now.  We expect a planning hearing to be held towards the end of March. Date of hearing to be set by Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park Authority (LLTNPA) yet to be confirmed.
  • We have been working very positively with both SEPA and SW and now have three main options for the drainage on this project.  I’ve listed the options we’re working through below and whilst work has been carried out on these and we are confident they could all work in their own right;
    • Option A: Connect to Scottish Water’s (SW) network once a Growth Project is completed. 
    • Option B: Determine an interim solution to treat waste on-site (to the satisfaction of SW) and then connect to the public network. 
    • Option C: Treat on-site then discharge directly to the neighbouring loch (with approval from SEPA).

A Growth Project could take around 5 years from formal initiation of the growth project (by Scottish Water) but could be longer depending on approvals etc.  We are therefore  in discussion with Scottish Water about technical solutions that will allow us to build and connect the houses before the growth project is complete. Our initial discussions indicate that there is a likely solution that will allow us to connect the houses to Scottish Waters existing system, to Scottish Water and SEPA’s approval. We are working with Scottish Water on detailed technical assessments for this option. We will not be able to progress the detail of these until we have the confidence of having planning permission.

Added on Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Plan for collection of bins missed due to snow  

On Sunday, 28 January, outstanding grey bins will be collected from our area.

Please note the collection changes below:

To facilitate these collections, brown bins due to be uplifted in these areas this Friday, Saturday and Sunday will instead be collected in two weeks in line with normal uplift cycle.

Blue recycling bins which were not uplifted over the weekend will instead be emptied on the next scheduled collection in two weeks. Residents should return their bins back to their property

All other bins will be uplifted as normal.

Added on Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Forest Enterprise Scotland (FES) is urging visitors to Rowardennan Forest (East Loch Lomond) to stick to paths and follow good biosecurity practice outlined in the ‘Keep it Clean’ campaign.

The call comes as the FES team in the area prepares to carry out some felling and clearance work across seven hectares of the forest to combat an outbreak of tree disease, Phytophthora ramorum.

The work will take place in woodland near the Rowardennan Hotel, and adjacent to the Ben Lomond access path.

This disease can be fatal to larch, and we need to remove affected trees, and nearby trees that are potentially already infected, to try and prevent the disease spreading even further.

Although there are no trees to be felled immediately adjacent to the Ben Lomond access path, the felling area will be visible from the path. 

Please be aware of this problem at Rowardennan and ensure you and your dogs arrive and leave with clean feet.  Further information is available by email from the BCC Secretary on request or direct from the Forestry Commission.

Added on Monday, 15 January 2018

Update on the current position of Buchanan Primary School

In November 2017 I wrote to let you know that the school roll at Buchanan had fallen to zero. I trust you will recall that a paper was going to be taken to the Education Committee in January 2018 to consider the mothballing of Buchanan Primary School. On Thursday 11th January 2018, the Education Committee agreed to mothball Buchanan Primary School for the remainder of this school session and the next school session. Mothballing is temporary and will be reviewed by the Education Committee during the school session 2018/2019.

From Monday 15th January 2018, children living in the catchment zone for Buchanan Primary School will now be rezoned to the catchment for Drymen Primary School. This will continue for the period of the mothballing of Buchanan Primary School.

I am delighted that the children who had formerly attended Buchanan Primary School have settled very well into Drymen Primary School. We look forward to welcoming all new pupils living in our school catchment.

Letter from Headteacher Drymen Primary School Ms Olbrich dated 15.1.18

Added on Tuesday, 12 December 2017

The A905 Kerse Road will close for six months from April until the end of October 2018 while engineers demolish and replace the road bridge over the railway to the south of Stirling station. The new structure will deliver a significant increase in the width of the carriageway offering the potential for the council to add a third lane in the future to meet Stirling’s growing traffic needs.

The bridge work is part of a wider programme of improvements on the Stirling line ahead of the electrification of the route as part of a Scottish Government investment being delivered by Network Rail. Electrification of central Scotland’s rail network will reduce journey times to Glasgow and Edinburgh, increase capacity on peak services and provide longer, greener trains.

Network Rail have organised a series of series drop-in sessions are detailed below and people are invited to hear more about the project.

More details at:

Or, click Read More for dates of upcoming drop in events in Stirling.

Added on Friday, 17 November 2017

Buchanan Primary School


The school roll at Buchanan has naturally fallen, and on Monday 30th October the roll fell to zero. 


In situations such as this, Local Authorities may choose to consider “mothballing” a school (or a stage of education or a nursery class at a school).


A school can be mothballed where the school roll has fallen to zero and continues to be zero.  This is a temporary closure.  Mothballing is only appropriate for a temporary period and should be subject to regular review.


Added on Friday, 10 November 2017

Due to unforeseen circumstances not all Councillors could be present at the Community council meeting on November 6th. A decision was therefore take to postpone the meeting. 

Residents will be advised of the new date via the website and Community Notice boards.


Added on Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Stirling Council is currently reviewing how Community Councils work, looking at the rules they adhere to, boundaries, representation, communication and resources.  

They are asking people to tell them what they think about Community Councils. You can • Email - • Write - Community Councils Review, Democratic Services, Stirling Council, Room 53, Old Viewforth, Stirling, FK8 2ET or • Take their survey (for paper copies of survey call 01786 233076) 

Added on Tuesday, 31 October 2017
Ms S LoganTeam Leader Broad General Education Team Schools Learning Education Stirling Council and Miss Olbrich, Head Teacher, Buchanan Primary School will attend the Buchanan Community Council meeting on Monday 6th November to update the Community on the current situation regarding Buchanan Primary School.
Added on Thursday, 5 October 2017

Stirling Council is now picking up the blue glass box on a monthly basis rather than fortnightly.

If you have recently printed out your waste calendar, you just need to score off “blue box” from the “green bin, brown bin, blue box” legend.

The calendar is available here or on the Council's website.